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Welcome! I’m so happy you are here. Are you ready to become your Best YOU- A Whole New YOU?
The YOU that doesn’t feel overwhelmed, stressed or too tired to do anything?
When’s the last time you felt good….really, really good?

Are you tired of trying fad diets and trying to understand preventative health?
Do you feel like you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you diet or exercise?
Do you feel stressed out, tired, cranky and wish you could feel like you used to?
Would you like to improve every aspect of your health- physically, nutritionally and emotionally?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above…… It’s time to bring that spark back……time to become your BEST you!- A Whole New YOU.
Let’s take the mystery out of what you can do to help yourself.  Whole Health & Wellness Education and Coaching with Cindy is a co-creative process that facilitates your understanding about YOUR health- demystifying the quest for a healthy lifestyle with the latest evidenced- based preventative health and nutritional information.

Are You Ready?

Your journey to a healthier, happier you can start right now!

Cindy is an amazing Health and Life coach. She has gone above and beyond in providing for me the advice that lead me in the exact direction I needed to seek for my Hip. I have been in Circles with Orthopedic Doctors for quite a few years with the same results =No difference and with the same pain.  My Consultation with Cindy brought me to explore different options. I was able to research the Amazing technique PRP.Found the Appropriate Doctor that will be treating me. Thank You Cindy You have Made a Difference


“I had my Lap Band surgery in Feb. 2010 — Cindy met with me for over 6 months and helped me with my Nutrition and overall well being. She explained in great detail Diabetes & High Cholesterol. These were 2 conditions I had at the time. Her guidance helped me TREMENDOUSLY for the first 6 months after surgery & to this day. She is a friend and I still get advice from her and she is always there to HELP!! I would recommend her services to people with Mental,Physical situations. Also, to children that are overweight/obese or just not eating the right thing!!!” Paul R

Bank Manager