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Hi there sensual beautiful being (yes you).  Welcome and thank you for visiting me here.  Sincere thanks and love sent out to you.

I’d love for you to consider this your sanctuary.  Here you are fully accepted and loved completely and unconditionally.

That’s right.

Do you know what I want what most for you?

I want more for you than just staring at the mirror and noticing one more thing that makes you feel that you have lost control over aging and/or feel undesirable or disregarded in any way. I want for you to NOT feel tired and stressed out. 

I want you to know you have more power and control than you think you do.

You may be powerless over the tide of the years and the pressures of life, but you are not powerless over how good you can feel and look at any age. 

You can defy the aging. 

You can defy aging by the way you live your life.  You can defy aging with the types of foods you eat and in the ways in which you eat, the way you move your body, the friends and social networks that you keep, and even with the thoughts you give reign to inside your head.  You can defy aging with proper sleep, with deeper connections, with uncluttering your life and so many other variables.

Feeling and looking old is a decision, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

I know, I do it every day.

I want more for you than just getting to a healthy weight or sticking to an exercise program. 

Both are important, but what I really want is to see you defy aging in a way that lets you thrive in ALL aspects of your health and well-being.  This is not a magic pill or some special lotion. 

I want you to be the “Whole” of you – to defy aging in a way that means exploring and up-leveling your understanding of nutrition and nourishment for your cells and mind.  I want you to feel energized by your movement every day and feel in awe with gratitude of the ways in which your body sustains your soul and your mind. I want you to know how to nourish your body in ways that defy those stereotypical phantoms of aging: achiness, creakiness, foggy-brained, paunchy, sweaty, tired, exhausted, bloated, graying, cranky and (ugh) wrinkly old age jokes and jabs.  I want for you to know how to make yourself glow again from the inside out.  Defying aging means understanding how your emotional, environmental, and even spiritual health along with the nutritional and physical parts of you are all connected and co-influencing each other in this wonderful dance we call life. 

Yes, you can defy aging by the things you do and the choices you make each and every day.

Here’s the good news: I’m here to tell you that your FULL and WHOLE health picture is simply not only about eating the ‘right’ way (pick a name, any name- Vegan, Paleo, Keto etc.) or drinking green juice all day.    Neither is it about the right kind of exercise program.  They’re super important- yes, and there are ways to tweak that awesome mitochondria inside your body, your mind, even your cells to start behaving a bit better….

Defying your age means that you become abundantly and consciously healthy and look at every aspect of your life as you become the Master of your own destiny.

What does that look like?
Hint:  It’s a whole lot more than going gluten-free and exercising.  It’s a whole lot more than just fitting in your jeans again.  It’s a whole lot more than some magic potion, pill, lotion or prescription drug is ever going to deliver.

Defying aging with ‘Whole Health” is understanding how our emotions influence our bodies, minds and choices.  It means understanding how our environment- both the physical environment and our social environments, play out on our body’s physiology and emotional health. It means improving our relationships and becoming an authentic version of ourselves.  It’s our sleep, out stress, our food, our digestion, our nutrition, how we exercise, what we think, feel, do and hope for. It means cleaning up our proverbial ‘act” in all aspects.  

When you defy aging you begin choosing foods because they nourish you and you feel good about that.  You begin to feel sheer delight in the pleasure of moving your body.  You show up in the present in an authentic, natural glowing version of yourself, able to live more freely and abundantly in the grace of the moment.  You defy your age and those old age phantoms- achiness, creakiness, foggy-brained, paunchy, sweaty, tired, exhausted, bloated, graying, cranky and wrinkly. 

You feel like you again.

You get unstuck on so many different levels. 

Not an easy path but one that leads to an abundant life of vibrant age defying health with habits that sustain and nourish you on so many different levels. 

The struggle can be so real, believe me, I know.
Change is so difficult and that’s why I’m here for you.
I know your struggles and I understand your pain. 

I’ve been there. And I’m better than ever now.  And so will you be.

You’ve got this and I’ve got your back.

Let’s do this together.

Are You Ready?

Your journey to a healthier, happier you can start right now!

“Cindy is an amazing Health and Life coach. She has gone above and beyond in providing for me the advice that lead me in the exact direction I needed to seek for my Hip. I have been in Circles with Orthopedic Doctors for quite a few years with the same results =No difference and with the same pain.  My Consultation with Cindy brought me to explore different options. I was able to research the Amazing technique PRP.Found the Appropriate Doctor that will be treating me. Thank You Cindy You have Made a Difference.”


Dental Hygienist

“I had my Lap Band surgery in Feb. 2010 — Cindy met with me for over 6 months and helped me with my Nutrition and overall well being. She explained in great detail Diabetes & High Cholesterol. These were 2 conditions I had at the time. Her guidance helped me TREMENDOUSLY for the first 6 months after surgery & to this day. She is a friend and I still get advice from her and she is always there to HELP!! I would recommend her services to people with Mental,Physical situations. Also, to children that are overweight/obese or just not eating the right thing!!!”


Bank Manager